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Petra Belicová o roku 2016

Time to reflect on last year 1f60a😊
In 2016, I put MYSELF as my top priority.
I had started this year with being sick, eating antibiotics, being totally confused and feeling like this is not exactly how I want to feel in my life. However, thanks to one great self-development program I went through at the end of 2015, I already knew what I want to work on. Even though I did not have a specific plan yet, I was committed to make my life better. I wanted to feel happier, more confident. I wanted to travel more and improve my quality of life. I wanted to find a job I would love, and I wanted to find out who and where THE ONE, whom I will one day have family with, is. Quite huge things, don’t you think? The first step was: to go deeper in exploring my inner self, talking to my parents, talking to a professional therapist - openly and regularly. It was absolutely key for me to make effort to really understand myself and why I am how I am. And together with that, my amazing 'rollercoaster' year really kicked-off! I found an amazing job offer that I immediately felt is exactly what I want to do. I enjoyed a month-long unforgettable vacation in Australia with great friends. I then got the job! And I made the big decision to move to another country. When, if not now? All this time I watched with amazement how my "on/off/on" boyfriend was working on himself, making huge steps forward and doing everything he could to show me that we belong together. I understood who I am, who he is and that it can work forever when we both want to. Still having MYSELF as a priority, I moved to Germany for the new job as I knew I needed to do it for myself. I started my new creative and interesting job with people that inspire me every day. And I got settled in my cute new town. I had some lovely visitors - mum and friends, to show them my new flat and city. I travelled a lot, mainly at the weekends - to see my family, to see my boyfriend, to explore places together with him, or to visit friends, or travel with them. Ljubljana, Sofia, Greece, Macedonia, Berlin, Slovakia, Greece again, Leipzig, Bruges, Bratislava - my best friend's wedding!!, NEW YORK,... Where we got engaged!!!... Bratislava again - my little niece was born! I travelled more; I danced more; I was learning a new language,.. and I felt happy!! And it all continues further. At this moment, surrounded by my loved ones, I feel SO THANKFUL for my life, and for all this journey. I thank myself for being brave enough. I thank
Thomas for loving me all the time and showing me his love and support, for growing with me and building our life with me. I thank my mum, for listening to me, especially at the beginning of the year, and for finding the advantages of Skype and therefore staying as close to me even when physically we are so far away. I thank my closest dearest friends Federika, Eva, Janka and Ivona for all the talks, support and believing in me. I thank my father, for his love and for his strength to have deep talks with me about the past and present. I thank my boss and colleagues who teach me so much. And I thank Federika again for showing me, and Zuzana for leading me through, Lifebook - a life-changing program that taught me how to set challenging goals and helped me believe I can achieve them all!
In 2016, I put MYSELF as my priority - and it turned my life into a great one!
I can't wait for 2017. Even the number looks good! And I have a bunch of new goals...
HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear friends
1f60a😊 I wish you all as much happiness as I feel.